Yury Getsin

The Tutoring Underground, established in Staten Island in 2009 by Yury Getsin, has classes 7 days a week in Staten Island.  All classes are currently conducted through video. 

Yury started tutoring at 18.  He dreamed up the idea of a "tutoring underground" because he thought that reading and listening to complex things had become rare, and that making them more common would help create an educated and aware citizenry.

Along the way, he got his masters in education from Teachers College at Columbia University and obtained a teacher's license.  He now focuses full time on his tutoring company to teach students how to think and how to approach tests and writing.


Classes begin with the study of grammar and the meanings of words.  Then, the student learns how to create sentences and analyze their structure.  Finally, the student learns how to put many sentences together to create complex thoughts.


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Our Methods

Students study vocabulary by writing context-clue sentences with the words they do not know.

Students learn how to use our TAG system to take a sentence apart and find the meaning.


Students find the most important parts of the passages, making questions more predictable.

Students use our PRE (Point, Reason, Example) method to read and to write essays and reports.

Students read Paine, Jefferson, Twain, Orwell, and Hitchens.