Math Tutoring
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Students Learn How to Think,

Not What to Think


We offer group and private classes, both online and in-person, in SAT, SHSAT, English, Math, Science, and History for Grades K-12. We help your child build a strong foundation in the subjects by develop logical reasoning skills, focusing on grammar and vocabulary, and mastering algebra. During each class, we use The Tutoring Underground Method to help your child develop learning skills and study habits. 

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Two hour group classes that help students improve SAT scores each week by teaching them how to anticipate test questions and how to create and use equations.

Wednesday 3-4 PM SAT English

Wednesday 4-5 PM SAT Math

Thursday 7-8 PM SAT English

Thursday 8-9 PM SAT Math



Three hour group class that prepares students for the Specialized High School Admission Test by teaching grammar, reading comprehension, poetry, and algebra. 

Sunday 10 AM-1 PM SHSAT English and Math

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The Tutoring Underground.png


Our math lessons have a deep focus on algebra, word problems, and the order of operations.

Monday 4-5 PM Grades 4 and 5

Tuesday 6-7 PM Grade 5

Tuesday 8-9 PM Grade 7

Wednesday 6-7 PM Grade 6


We teach students to write vocabulary sentences, identify grammar, analyze essays, and read books thoughtfully.

Monday 5-6 PM Grades 4 and 5

Tuesday 7-8 PM Grade 7

Wednesday 5-6 PM Grade 6

Thursday 5-6 PM Grade 5

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